Star Wars: The Last Insult.


This was me, its the early 80’s and Return of the Jedi has just come out, I’ve seen it on pirate VHS, I had already caught the other films out of sequence on TV,  I only saw Empire once at my friend’s house when his Dad spoiled it by telling us at the beginning the truth about Darth Vader. Mostly however, I have these toys and my imagination, a small scrap of garden in front of the house, the staircase, bedroom or anywhere I could get lost in my own was devoted to space adventure and the characters, adventure, colour and excitement which was 100 times more fun that anything else going on around me. Even when the other kids had forgotten and moved on, I had the worn plastic figures crystallised in my psyche and with the exception of Batman, no other fad came close to the dedication I had for Star Wars.

Every adult nerd, you may know one or be one yourself, has their own story, those movies were the first of their kind, multi marketed cash machines for selling toys, pyjamas, soup or whatever but the movies themselves are terrifically entertaining and work on their own right. I know all the arguments, I’m not here to rehash or add to the internet back and forth about the minutia of the Franchise, that’s for others, I’m done.

Last night I watched ‘The Last Jedi’, I didn’t hate it but as another chapter of the film series or a movie in it’s own right, its pretty awful, I know the web and life in general has become a battle, sometimes hostile, of opinions; ‘I think this, you think that’; endlessly to infinity with no possibility of consensus and that’s really what I’m writing about. Who cares about a couple of kids movies? I’m sure you’re right, do you like a football team? buy the latest kit? Talk about the new player or the best line-up from the past?- What’s the difference? I may be talking about the Star Wars movies but the crux of my argument is this: We are stuck in a loop, they’re remaking movies (King Kong, Power Rangers etc), Rappers may be saying different things but they sure sound the same, Every band seems like a variation of the Rolling Stones, we’re still wearing Jeans and as for youth movements; ‘Hipsters’ are about as limp-wristed as a trend can be.

‘You’re Old, shut up Old man!’ I can hear some of you say, ‘Things were better in the old day’s where they?’ You might be right but I’m sad that we’re living in an echo-chamber where popular culture, social media, government and companies feed us only what we ‘Like’ or ‘Share’, we’re like a pampered house-cat playing a mouse catching App. Most of all I feel sorry for young people, we’ve really let them down, they can’t imagine anything new, probably because they’re too busy taking selfies and confessing their bowel movements in cyber-space. In a way I wish there never was a Star Wars and that some maverick smashed all the iphones in the world by inventing it today, or people got to experience the movies for the first time on an old video and then went into the garden and played with their mates the way I did but mostly I wish I could feel something, anything as I watched the new movie; instead all I thought was that I’ve seen it all before. ‘Cheer up Jim, it’s only a movie’ You’re right of course and I’ve come to peace with modern movies, perhaps I am too old, I still have my toys from when I was a kid and as far as I’m concerned Star Wars are 3 movies from the 70s and early 80s, remember them? We should get the tapes out and watch them some time.




Batman Inked Samples

So I finally inked these pages, I’m pretty happy with how they’ve turned out. I always go over my pages after they’re done to see where I can improve, what I did right or wrong and compare with a few other artists I respect to see how they solved similar problems before i move onto the next challenge. With these pages I noticed the solid blacks against solid whites with very little shading or texture, Its a weak point for me and something I’m going to address and get better at.


A long time since I drew Batman

Of course Batman is my favourite comic character, has been since I watched the 70’s cartoon on Saturday mornings and made my first plasticine action figure of the pointy-eared one shortly after. I have, over the years, drawn him almost continuously but apart from sketches and pin-ups I’ve rarely drawn any comic pages.

I had this script for years, a short story for trying out or putting together portfolio pages but its been gathering cyber dust until now. I may be slow at times but I get there eventually.

P.S. If there are any DC editors out there, I’m available for hire anytime!





Dinosaur comic

I can’t believe it’s been about two years since I first posted black and white versions of these pages and I’m only getting round to colouring them now. Life, other projects and so many comic book movies get in the way. Spread the word, ask your friends or anyone you meet if they know anyone who wants to pay me to draw a Dinosaur comic? Turok, I’m looking at you!






Behold: Pendragon!

During the end of last year and continuing through the beginning of this one, I have been working on a graphic novel which is now ready to launch. Alongside Writer Andy Winter, Letterer Rob Jones, Colourist Aljosa Tomic and Publisher Harry Markos; Pendragon is a contemporary tale of King Arthur, swords, magic and Dragons. I’ve had a blast working on it and it’s been killing me that I haven’t been able to discuss it or share any images until now. Over the coming weeks until its launch I’ll probably bombard you all with reminders and prods to get the word out there, if you can help in any way please take the time to do so, the people I’ve just mentioned are hugely talented and deserve wider recognition, I’ve had a blast making this book and can’t wait to hold a copy in my hand.





UK indie publisher unleashes Pendragon: The Quest For King Arthur

[24 May, 2017] UK independent graphic novel publisher MARKOSIA today announces

details of PENDRAGON: THE QUEST FOR KING ARTHUR, a brand new graphic

novel that offers a comic, outrageous and utterly iconoclastic take on the Arthurian


The book is released by Markosia on Monday, 19 June and receives its official launch on

Saturday, 24 June, at the Birmingham Comic Art Show. It is written by Andy Winter,

drawn by Jim Lavery (who also did the cover), coloured by Aljosa Tomic and lettered by

Robin Jones. The full-colour graphic novel contains 104 pages and retails for


It will be available on Amazon globally, and most other online retailers such as BOL and

Chapters. The book will also be available digitally on ComiXology and most other digital

platforms such as iBooks, Kindle, and DriveThru.

Here’s the solicitation copy…

Failed pop singer Art Bright is an unremarkable young man, except for one thing – he

might just be the reincarnation of King Arthur. His stalker Derek Border certainly seems

to think so. But then Derek has taken to calling himself 'Merlin' and has even assembled a

new Knights of the Round Table and tracked down a former porn star, who he reckons is

Lady Guinevere.

But if Derek is mad, why have he and Art attracted the attention of the real Morgana Le

Fay and her new best friend, a dragon named Crueltooth? And, while all this is going on,

what is Mordred up to, and why does the Lady In The Lake seem to harbour a grudge

against Art? All will be revealed in Pendragon: The Quest For King Arthur, a mad, bad

and breathless updating of the Arthurian legends that is sure to delight and infuriate in

equal measure.

Writer Andy Winter commented: “Pendragon is a kick up the bum for all those po-faced

and supposedly radical re-imaginings of classic stories. When it came to taking on the

story of King Arthur, I wanted to do something that had action and adventure, but was

also a lot of fun and irredeemably silly. It certainly has more in common with Monty

Python and The Holy Grail than it does King Arthur: Legend of the Sword.

“I take all sorts of liberties and not everyone will like it; some may even call it sacrilege.

If so, that’s something which makes me very happy indeed.”

For more information, contact Andy Winter: or Harry


Great Ebay Posable figures for artists.

I found these Posable artist figures on Ebay for £16.99, a bargain! Having a reference like this in invaluable for a comic artist, drawing the human form repeatedly in multiple angles is mind-bending and having this on your desktop is a quick, effective solution to anatomical problems.

Pros: The figures are super affordable (Ebay link below) I bought a male and female pair but there is an option for single of either as well as differing colours. They have quite detailed musculature, are anatomically correct, are light and flexible. They come with a very handy armature for holding the figure in the air so you never lose or drop even the most extreme pose. In addition, they also come with three sets of changeable hands from clenched fist to fully opened.

Cons: As the old saying goes: ‘You get what you pay for’. These are inexpensive as I’ve said but the compromise is that they are quite easily broken, the parts pop out of their sockets, I broke the arm connector as I first mounted the figure. The female arm came unattached from the body while still in the package. They are smaller than you might expect, I’m not displeased since the dimensions are stated but I would like to have a larger version. Overall these are delicate and I would recommend utmost gentleness when handling and above all: keep away from kids, the smaller parts are a choking hazard.

So, in conclusion if you are an artist of the human body in any form I would recommend buying these figures based on price alone, there are a few variations on Ebay where you can find the ones that appeal to you: Link.


Mister Potter I Presume!

I was a bit too old when the Harry Potter books first came out but I’ve caught up and enjoy reading them with my kids. I wish I were the appropriate age, I could imagine them impacting me the same as the Narnia, Middle Earth and Shannara Books did.

I, like most fans, get lost in the world and characters, they are brilliant to read, great to watch and, for me, even better to illustrate.hp01

Judge Dredd Sample pages.

I’ve been working over the past year on a 90+ page comic, its all but finished and due to be released this year. It has been both rewarding and frustrating as I’ve devoted all my spare time to producing the artwork, for no money and without being able to share it publicly. My exposure in other forums and contributions to other projects has also diminished.

In saying all that, it has also been hugely rewarding brought my art forward and increased my confidence.

There are previous posts here of attempts at drawing Judge Dredd, I decided to do another to see how or if I’ve improved after such a big project, I think I have, I enjoy the character enormously so any excuse to draw him is always fun to do if nothing else.