Lets begin with some sketches

I’ve been struggling for a long time with deciding on my ‘style’ of drawing, or which style I feel most comfortable with. My problem is that I have a background in graphic design and the demands of commercial practice requires flexibility in visual presentation, which at first I found exciting, but have since realized that, creatively speaking, I have lost my voice since my output has always been a reaction to the requirements of the job and other people. Anyway, never mind all that, Lets have some fun and see if I can blog my voice back.






One thought on “Lets begin with some sketches

  1. don`t mean to plague your blog with my comments but this is the first day I`ve come across your work and had to give some feedback! Besides, the stuff I`ve read off your blogs seems to remind me of me!

    Regarding finding a “style”, I think you already have a found a style. In fact, the above drawings have very strong similiarities in form. So, I believe you are on the right track since you`ve apparently built a foundation for your style 🙂

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