More Sketches, boo!

I find this really tough. I’m not a natural blogger and have never kept a diary or anything like that. I’ve tried to do the Facebook thing and I get really frustrated whenever I hear everyone going about how many friends they have on Myspace, even my kid sister is clacking away on her keyboard and Bebo page. Anyway, I have lots of problems in relation to concentration and commitment to finishing work, I’m easily distracted. but the following artworks come from a variety of ideas which I am trying really hard to see through  to completion, I thought it might help to put them up here to chart the progress until the final piece.    
mugz5.jpg                                                                                   This is the final version of the the drawing from a previous post:   



2 thoughts on “More Sketches, boo!

  1. oh yeah, I can relate to what you are talking about regarding being “distracted” and following through with artwork. I guess living in a society where information is thrown in our faces at inhuman speeds then is it any wonder why there is little room for concentration?

    oh and for what its worth…people who claim to have like 500 friends on their MySpace pages probably only chat with two percent of them. I have my own opinions about MySpace and most of them aren`t positive…

    By the way…great work! 🙂

  2. I wasn’t a natural diarist either, but the actual act of finding out I had real people out there, reading my blog, gave me the momentum to keep it going. So the moral is: keep it up – you’ll find your own rhythm.

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