The Talented Mr Robson

The Latest issue of FutureQuake is out and I had the pleasure of contrabuting to an amazing story called ‘Power and the Glory’.


Written by the superb hand of mister Lee Robson, he manages to conjure up a smokey victorian world of intrigue and mystery. There are all the elements of a holmes-ian drama but Lee brilliantly injects an additional element of strange technology and inexplicable machines. Take for example, floating horseless carriages, familiar yet unsettlingly curious; how do they work? What are they powered by? With no explanation you are simply drawn in to the drama, the stage is set for adventure.


I couldn’t let this issue pass without a post on how good it was to work on Lee’s script, he has been so generous to me and I don’t deserve half the praise, especially since he imagined the world in the first place. I really hope he returns to the London of is imagination and expands on what is a really interesting piece of work, I would be first in line to artistically play around in those murky streets.


In addition I would also like to thank Dave Evans AKA: Bolt01. If it weren’t for him allowing me to contribute to FutureQuake in the first place I wouldn’t have advanced with my artwork as quickly so, cheers mate.


You can find either of these top blokes on: @lee_robson (Twitter) and  or contact dave at:

pg01 PG02


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