What a difference a year makes

I’ve been drawing comic strips solidly for a little over a year now. Before, I always got bogged down, over analysed, agonised and tortured myself about the faults and weaknesses of the artwork. Partly out of frustration, partly a virulent masochistic self loathing, determined to make every footstep a needlessly prolonged and painful one (cheers catholicism!)

About a year ago something clicked, I accepted as many scripts as I could fit around family commitments, put my nose to the drawing board and pushed through each one, pausing briefly to identify areas of weakness or improvement and swiftly moving onto the next, For some reason I have been able to eliminate the spiral of doubt and just move on, sometimes having five or six scripts at a time. Comic books are a production line of the art world more than any other discipline, one simply sees what is required and works through until the end, in a way it has been very liberating.

Improvement comes through the sheer volume and repetitiveness of drawing, I’m not prone to giving advice but its hard to argue with what I see with my own eyes and the confidence I have now in tackling what previously appeared to be complicated and detailed scripts. he daily grind of drawing has ‘taught’ my muscles a short-hand which makes drawing so much easier and enjoyable.

Posted here are four pages I just finished for my portfolio, I plan to take them to upcoming ‘Cons’ for review. I just wanted to pause and reflect for a moment on what a difference a year can make.



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