Talkin’ Heads

I’ve had some criticism about how large I draw heads on comic characters, it legitimate but there is a reason and I get miffed if there’s a suggestion that its about ability/talent.

The reason is: I like to make a distinction between ordinary and heroic ones, below are a couple of examples of what I mean. All the heads are roughly the same size, the bodies vary though and that’s the point. It’s not that I draw overly large heads it’s that I draw smaller bodies to make the large heroes seem larger; to contrast, after all if everyone is heroic then nobody is.

Unfortunately there are comic book staples in which everyone is a toned, muscular, adonis. Ordinary people, even supporting characters have to look like extras from TV shows, so when I draw outside of the accepted norm, comes the accusation of proportion problems.

Of course there’s always the possibility that others are correct and I should lean more to the norm, it’s perfectly valid except that I’m right.



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