Great Ebay Posable figures for artists.

I found these Posable artist figures on Ebay for £16.99, a bargain! Having a reference like this in invaluable for a comic artist, drawing the human form repeatedly in multiple angles is mind-bending and having this on your desktop is a quick, effective solution to anatomical problems.

Pros: The figures are super affordable (Ebay link below) I bought a male and female pair but there is an option for single of either as well as differing colours. They have quite detailed musculature, are anatomically correct, are light and flexible. They come with a very handy armature for holding the figure in the air so you never lose or drop even the most extreme pose. In addition, they also come with three sets of changeable hands from clenched fist to fully opened.

Cons: As the old saying goes: ‘You get what you pay for’. These are inexpensive as I’ve said but the compromise is that they are quite easily broken, the parts pop out of their sockets, I broke the arm connector as I first mounted the figure. The female arm came unattached from the body while still in the package. They are smaller than you might expect, I’m not displeased since the dimensions are stated but I would like to have a larger version. Overall these are delicate and I would recommend utmost gentleness when handling and above all: keep away from kids, the smaller parts are a choking hazard.

So, in conclusion if you are an artist of the human body in any form I would recommend buying these figures based on price alone, there are a few variations on Ebay where you can find the ones that appeal to you: Link.



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