Adventure Time, C’mon grab your friends…

Cartoons have changed since I was a kid, there’s a lot of whacky animals and bonkers goings on. Adventure Time is one of my kids favourites and i love watching it with them. For a laugh you should youtube Adventure Time- what does the fox say? It’s genius.at01


Judge Dredd Sample pages.

I’ve been working over the past year on a 90+ page comic, its all but finished and due to be released this year. It has been both rewarding and frustrating as I’ve devoted all my spare time to producing the artwork, for no money and without being able to share it publicly. My exposure in other forums and contributions to other projects has also diminished.

In saying all that, it has also been hugely rewarding brought my art forward and increased my confidence.

There are previous posts here of attempts at drawing Judge Dredd, I decided to do another to see how or if I’ve improved after such a big project, I think I have, I enjoy the character enormously so any excuse to draw him is always fun to do if nothing else.


Behold Pendragon!

Very exciting news for me. Teaming up with Writer Andy Winter, colourist Aljosa Tomic and Letterer Rob jones we’ve just completed a six page pitch for a comic book based on a modern take on the King Arthur story. I wish I could say more but here is a small glimpse of what we’ve been at:

001-01 Comic Page Layout Guide 170mmx260mm with 3mm bleed Comic Page Layout Guide 170mmx260mm with 3mm bleed Comic Page Layout Guide 170mmx260mm with 3mm bleed

Judge Dredd: Cycle of Violence

So a while ago I took a script from the 2000ad forums to try, I wanted some nice portfolio pieces and was pretty happy with how they turned out. After a while I thought it would be good to have them unpublished and submitted them to Dave Evans at Zarjaz, the Dredd Fanzine.

How was I to know that this is one of the most attempted scripts in all of Fandom. Dave was very quick to point out how popular it is and how he wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole and who could blame him.

In any event, I still like the artwork and as well as languishing in my portfolio, here there are for your good self:

JD001 JD002 JD003 JD004 JD005 JD006

Talkin’ Heads

I’ve had some criticism about how large I draw heads on comic characters, it legitimate but there is a reason and I get miffed if there’s a suggestion that its about ability/talent.

The reason is: I like to make a distinction between ordinary and heroic ones, below are a couple of examples of what I mean. All the heads are roughly the same size, the bodies vary though and that’s the point. It’s not that I draw overly large heads it’s that I draw smaller bodies to make the large heroes seem larger; to contrast, after all if everyone is heroic then nobody is.

Unfortunately there are comic book staples in which everyone is a toned, muscular, adonis. Ordinary people, even supporting characters have to look like extras from TV shows, so when I draw outside of the accepted norm, comes the accusation of proportion problems.

Of course there’s always the possibility that others are correct and I should lean more to the norm, it’s perfectly valid except that I’m right.